Where I’ve Been

I’m sure you have all heard of the Polar Vortex by now.  I feel like I have been trapped in this cold for months, even though it has only been a few weeks.  I apologize for my lack of posts, the cold weather has really hurt my style, making me dress more functionally.

I think this is swackett’s way of saying “too cold to function”



Although I can’t complain too much, because the skiing conditions have been great; and not to mention all the snow days at school!



Promise to be back soon,


Lux Fabrics

It may not look like a cold day in these pictures due to the lack of snow, but the temperatures were down. Cold days call for soft fabrics in my book. Today I went for this multiway cashmere sweater from Victoria’s Secret, black leggings, black boots, and my fur jacket. This was the perfect combination of textures for a chilly day.

gray sweater dress

hooded sweater dress
Here is a glimpse into my school life. I love my gray backpack. It matches practically everything.

gray bookbag

pink nails

fur jacket

sweater dress

sweater dress

Love, Mikella

End of Season Deals

This look features pieces I found on after Christmas sale racks.  I was in the mall doing a few exchanges, and decided to stop into a few chain stores.  They turned out to have several great sales happening.  I am truly a lover of Hollister and  Abercrombie jeans (yes I know, very middle school girl of me, but they fit me better than any other brand I have bought).  Hollister was having a $25 jeans sale that I couldn’t pass up.  I scored my sweater at American Eagle for under $30.  Make sure to hit up your mall to get some end of season deals!

green sweater outfit

casual snow outfit

hollister sequined

ootd cableknit

gold locket

ootd green cable knit Love Mikella

“Sweet” Coat

This coat has been a member of my closet for about a year now, but it hasn’t really made an appearance until now. It is such a fun piece, my favorite things to wear with this furry jacket are things on the edgy side. This coat is so girly dark colors and rougher pieces toughen your look!

fur jacket

faux fur jacket

fur jacket
This nail color is Mariah Carey’s OPI color Visons of Love.

dark red nails

XOXO Mikella