In Work Clothes: Striped Down in the Office

I bet you had to read that twice! HA HA HA! Today in my office, we had an unplanned stripes day.  There were so many people who showed up in different versions of stripes, including skirts, shirts, and dresses.  Even some male coworkers were in on the trend too! It really got me thinking how stripes can add so much to a garment.  Imagine the following dress in a solid.  So much of the detail would be gone.  Don’t overlook the stripes in your closet, switch up the solids for a change!
intern outfit

striped dress

Ever since I started my internship, I can’t live without my tote bags!  They are so convenient to throw all your necessities in. I love ones that are just the right size to fit paperwork and folders.  This way, you can keep all of your papers crisp.

studded shoes

black and white dress

dress: EXPRESS       bag: GUESS     necklace: EXPRESS (really old)       shoes: T.J. MAXX

XOXO mikella


In Work Clothes

A week ago, I promised something new and exciting; that new thing took over my week and I regretfully put blogging on the back burner.  This new thing is an internship! I’m working with a local nonprofit this summer and perhaps the best part of it is that the office is business casual.  This lets me play grown-up professional for the summer, a fun change before I go all college-legging style in the fall!

I’m starting a new series called, “I’m in work clothes”.  I’ll throw out a disclaimer though, some of my professional clothes are a few seasons old, so you may not be able to find the exact pieces I will be wearing, but take the next 8 weeks’ worth of outfits and gain inspiration.

If you have an internship, hopefully I will give you some ideas about what to wear, or working professionals, take a glimpse on what a work attire newbie can throw together.

The blog will have a dressed up feel for the rest of summer!office clothes

black and white dress

Oakley Beckon in Black

black and white dress

round toe wedges

dress:  T.J. MAXX    shoes: PAYLESS     bag: OLD     sunglasses: OAKLEY




Curls, Stripes, Yorkies, and Red

Oh those Summer days. This was just a chill day outfit, a day that could be described as a dog day of summer. This is a perfect combination because it can feel dressed up or dressed down depending on the event.
stripe shorts

girl and yorkie

yorkie and girl

red and blue outfit

red accent outfit

Stay tuned in the next few days for some excitement and a slight change to the blog!



This is the time of the year that students everywhere are wrapping up their school years and graduating.  I just graduated from high school and as a way to let some of our own personal style show through our robes, my friends and I decorated our caps.  Decorating your cap is fairly easy; I bought sequin paper at Michael’s Craft Store and glued it on the cap.  I added sequins around the edge and 2014 scrapbook stickers.  I recommend reinforcing the stickers with hot glue, they didn’t stick very well to the sequin texture.   To represent where I am continuing my education, I glued on an I heart Duquesne pin.  I topped the cap off with a black bow with glittered dots.  Another style tip is to keep the tails of your ribbon long,  they compliment long curled hair!

If you need more inspiration on how to decorate your cap, do a quick Pinterest search for cute graduation caps, and let the fun begin.  Although I give you a fair warning, you will probably want to decorate more than one!

The dress I wore to my graduation is from Macy’s.  I chose it because I loved the uniqueness of the cutouts.  For my hair, I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and curled away from my face.

Graduation Attire

Cutout Red Dress

“As we go on, we remember, all the times we,  had together” – Vitamin C

Sparkle  Graduation Cap

Graduation what to wear

Cute Graduation Cap

Cute Grad Caps

“Time for you to go out to the places you will be from”  -Semisonic

Graduation Friends

dress:  MATERIAL GIRL      shoes:  STEVE MADDEN      cap: DIY

Congratulations to all 2014 graduates!!!!

Love,   Mikella



Dear all High School Students,

Don’t blink, and enjoy every second of  your carefree time in high school.  My time is over, however I am not sad; it is just a strange feeling that I have.  I don’t want to cry, I will just miss all the memories and people I have met along the way.  This is the outfit I wore to my Baccalaureate Ceremony last night.

I apologize if you have seen too much of these shoes, but they have become my go-to shoe for almost all formal outfits lately.  I now don’t know what I did before I had heels.






dress: FOREVER 21     belt: EXPRESS     necklace: FOREVER 21     shoes: STEVE MADDEN     earrings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE