Blair Waldorf Inspired

Recently I have been watching Gossip Girl.  My outfits have gone from subtly preppy to full on Blair Waldorf inspired.  One of my favorite things about GG is the constant outfit inspiration it brings.  I have always had a preppy style, and Blair’s plaid skirts made me incorporate this wool skirt I had tucked away in my closet into my everyday wear.

I think the trick to keeping your plaid modern is to pair unexpected colors.  I paired my red and blue plaid with a mustard yellow sweater.

gossip girl fashion

blair waldorf style

gossip girl outfit

skirt:  ABERCROMBIE (similar)    sweater: VICTORIA’S SECRET  (similar)    shoes:  OLD NAVY     bag: H&M  (similar)

XOXO, Mikella



Casual Holiday Outfit

Christmas was here and has passed, I have even missed Orthodox Christmas with this post.  So much for that darn resolution for being more prompt with blog timing!! Throwback to a month ago, when there was beautiful holiday décor lining the streets of this quaint neighborhood in my hometown.  When I saw this antique looking street I knew it would be the perfect place for a photo shoot.  I feel as if you are still able to feel the magic of the holidays in these photos.

I was shopping and enjoying the holiday break when I wore this, so I was going for casual glamour AKA a bedazzled sweatshirt!! It is one of my new favorite things because it makes a comfortable outfit a little more put together.

casual Christmas outfit

holiday manicure

black sparkle keds

holiday casual outfit

puffer vest outfit

sequined sweatshirt

What I’m Wearing

Sweatshirt:  EXPRESS     jeans: HOLLISTER    shoes:  KEDS    sunglasses:  OAKLEY     nails:  JAMBERRY

XOXO mikella

Velvet and Flannel Outfit

If you are like me, you do not purchase entirely new wardrobes each season. I just add a handful of new things and wear my old favorites. One way to keep these old favorites fresh is to pair together fabrics you wouldn’t normally expect, like this velvet and flannel outfit. I thought this look had something new about it, even though everything I had on was at least a year old, just like my riding boots. I’m a firm believer in wearing clothes you love, no matter their age. Some of my most treasured pieces are over 15 years old, things handed down from my mom, that I enjoy calling vintage.  To revitalize old items in your closet, find the most interesting textures and wear them together.





 shirt: HOLLISTER (similar) skirt: ABEROMBIE AND FITCH (similar) boots: ETTINE AIGNER
XOXO mikella

Quick Chic Outfits

One fun thing about being home for the holidays is that my closet triples in size thanks to my mom and sister. This outfit was a spur of the moment, we are leaving the house, make yourself presentable as soon as possible, outfit. It was a quick chic outfit. When I have to quickly put together an outfit, I always try to rely on silhouettes and pairings that already work for me.

I borrowed this blazer from my sister and I already tried convincing her to let me take it back to college with me. It looks pulled together because of the shape, but not too stiff because it is a soft fabric. These boots are very old, but I haven’t worn them yet this season, so I dug them out of a dark corner of my closet and had a reunion.

Quick Chic Outfit

styling corduroy

Steve Madden Envelope Bag

Quick Chic Outfits

Quick Chic OutfitsShirt: GAP    Jacket:  FOREVER 21 (similar)      Pants: AMERICAN EAGLE (similar)      Boots: URBANOG (similar)     Bag: STEVE MADDEN (similar)     Glasses: VOGUE

Special thanks to my Dad for being such a great photographer for this set of photos.


XOXO, mikella

Home for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I am usually playing carols before thanksgiving, and my mom scolds me for it every time.  This year was different for me, since I was away at school, I did not have the luxury to go downstairs every day and have my morning coffee in Christmas tree light.  This made the days leading up to now a bit less festive, so now that I am at home, I am fully embracing the season. Now I fully understand the saying “Home for Christmas.”

I wore this outfit out Christmas shopping with my sister!  I don’t think you can go wrong with a fair isle sweater in December. It is the perfect way to say the Holidays are here. I just love how festive they are! Funny story with my sweater, it is the children’s brand Carter’s. I’m pretty sure it is over 12 years old. I used to wear this sweater as a little girl, and I rediscovered it a few years ago. Thankfully it still fits! This is just another example to never strictly follow sizes when shopping.

fair isle outfit
home for Christmas outfit
tan and fair isle
There haven’t been many days this season that this stack of bracelets were not on my arm.
arm party silver
Christmas decorating outfit

What I’m Wearing:
sweater: CARTER’S (yes as in the children’s clothing store, it so old, but I love it) scarf: BORROWED FROM MY MOM jeans: HOLLISTER (a slightly darker wash) boots: ETIENNE AIGNER (similar) tee: GAP lipstick: REVLON TRENDSETTER

XOXO mikella


Fall Morning Class Fashion

Fall is here, and on many college campuses that means it’s time to break out the Ugg boots and sweats.

But think again, I wore this outfit on a cold fall day, I was sick, and I took this photo before 9:00 AM.   So what is your excuse for wearing sweats to class?  Not only is an outfit like this cuter, it is just as comfortable. I wore my favorite gray leggings with a long cardigan and a flannel gingham shirt.  I accessorized with my maroon scarf, vintage looking statement earrings, and red ballet flats.  If you think about wearing sweatpants to your morning classes this week, try to challenge yourself to wear a comfortable more put together outfit.  Not only will you look better, you will feel better too!


What has my life come to that I post one photo of an outfit, taken on an iPhone, in a college hall bathroom.  I apologize, but  view it as fashion dedication.

stay glamourous, mikella

PGH Fashion Week Round Two

After my first night of shows at Pittsburgh Fashion Week, I decided to attend another which took place at Highmark Stadium, AKA the “Tent” of Pittsburgh.  Again, I was very impressed by the designs showcased. One of the best parts was I got a front row seat, a perk of arriving a little early.  I’m not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to sit front row at a fashion show again! Although Pittsburgh is a little more low-key than New York or Paris, it was still a great event!

fashion week pittsburgh

This jacket is the perfect piece for fall! The camel color with black trim were flawless!

fashion week


Take the time to notice the hand-set crystals of these pants.  They were stunning!

sequined pants

This dress was my favorite piece out of the whole show.  The way the sequins were almost a whole other part of her look, was sheer genius! I would love to have this dress, it was perfect.

Pittsburgh Fashion Week

I wore a black and white floral dress with red suede booties.  For accessories, I toted along my H&M bag, and I kept my stacked bracelets to compliment my flash tattoo that was still intact (it lasted a good four days, which really surprised me!).  Again, I’m sorry for the iPhone pictures, they are so grainy.

XOXO mikella


Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Macy’s Fashion Rocks

Last week was Pittsburgh Fashion Week, I made it to three of the shows! It was a great experience and I gained an unreal amount of inspiration to continue my studies for the week.  The first show I went to was “Macy’s Fashion Rocks” on Wednesday night, it was hosted at the Macy’s Fifth Avenue Location in Pittsburgh.  The 4th floor was completely rearranged with a stage and runway sprawled out in the middle of the floor.

I had the opportunity to assist the MC of the show, and style her accessories for the evening.  Not only did she do a great job with the event, her look was on point too!  The show featured numerous looks available at Macy’s this season along with sneak peak designs from students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, who had their own show later in the week.

Again I was able to capture some photos on my iPhone of the event.  There was so much excitement and energy, these pictures don’t do justice.

fashion show macy's
macy's fall 2014

This look was designed by Art Institute Pittsburgh Student, Leesa Kassler.  The pants were amazing, a light cotton with a metallic gold shimmer  over the pattern.  The designer did an perfect job with  the fitting!

AIP Fashion Show
rock fashion decorations
Macy's Fashion Show
My new obsession is flash tattoos!  If these were permanent, I would probably consider getting one.  Compliments of Macy’s everyone who attended could apply them and be dazzling!  I chose a feather to compliment my arm party! Also how cute is this Picks for Peace Bracelet! It is perfect to stack and there is a great  cause behind it!

arm party

My amateur styling at work!

Macy's styling

If you ever have the chance to attend a Pittsburgh Fashion Week show, I highly recommend it! There is an unreal amount of talent in this up and coming city!

XOXO mikella

Dressing for Class

Figuring out what to wear in college is harder than high school.  In high school, I didn’t do very much walking, so I could wear any type of shoe I wanted.  College is a different story, sometimes I wonder how many miles I walk throughout the course of a day.  I really had to adapt my shoe options, these shoes used to be my favorite, now I have to change if I am going to be doing a lot of walking. The shoes I’m wearing here are my favorite, but they are not the best for a whole day, so I usually plan to stop back in my dorm and change them!

For class outfits I recommend wearing something comfortable, but put together.  I love the way button down shirts look like you have it put forth a greater effort than you really did.  I love pairing button down shirts with skinny pants; here I did white distressed pants with a chambray shirt.  It is really simple to add a few pieces of jewelry and you are ready for class!

I love my gray Hershel backpack, it was a great investment, and it matches every outfit.  The fact that it is a neutral makes it perfect for any combination of clothing!



I also apologize for the terrible mirror/iPhone pictures. This is a bad situation with I explain a little more about here.

top: J.CREW    pants: CELEBRITY PINK    shoes: T. J. MAXX    backpack: HERSHEL SUPPLY CO.    earrings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE

XOXO,  mikella

College Update

Balancing college and blogging is quite the struggle. My life has been turned upside-down (in a good way) over the past month. There have been so many new people, places, and classes, it is hard for me to keep up. Not to mention I have to share a camera with my sister who is an hour and a half away. Dividing all of our shared pieces was quite the challenge, I miss the curling wand she has at home every day, and I’m sure she misses some of my clothes. I feel like I have been neglecting my blog so I’ve really been thinking of how I could incorporate this into my schedule.

I now live in the grand city of Pittsburgh and I am loving every minute of it! My usual rural landscape has been beautifully transformed into a city skyline scattered with hordes of college kids toting backpacks around.

I will now be sharing mostly iPhone pictures, although the quality saddens me it is all I have. I’m also going to post more inspirational photos that will give you more of a glimpse into my life, because let’s get real, there are some amazing photos to be taken in an urban area. By this I mean mostly skyline photos because I’m just obsessed.

Here is a little glimpse of my outfit the other day. I took a little walk into the city to get noodles, which were amazing, and way better than college cafeteria food! I was really feeling a fall vibe so I wore my suede moccasins and a multicolored greenish scarf, along with skinny green cargo pants and a gray flannel.
orange moccasins

yellow bridge

green scarf

sunset pittsburghStay constantly inspired! Love Mikella