Too Cool Jacket

This jacket is another amazing find from the Abercrombie Outlet. I am not sure what it is, but something about this jacket just makes me feel cool. It has a really unique fit, which I like. If you want to take this outfit to another level of coolness, you can put on a pair of aviator sunglasses like I did. I though this look was a little sporty so I strung a mixed metal necklace around my neck.






Stay Cool,
XO Mikella


Falling into Fall

Today is the first day of Fall. I feel like if clothes could talk, this outfit would be saying autumn. Maybe it is the way the color of the shoes tie in with the yellow flowers, that make you want to go cuddle in a blanket. I paired these pieces together to capture the comfy chic look everyone seems to want when the leaves change.








XO Mikella

Mermaid Eyes

Its a smile, its a kiss, its a swipe of green shadow its summertime.

CAUTION: You may be mistaken as a mermaid while wearing this makeup trend. Swim clear of all sharks, all sea eels, and evil sea witches that may or may not be named Ursula.

Please pardon my brows, yes I know they were getting a little out of control but I promise it was for a reason. Those sisters were getting too thin for my liking! Personally I thought they would look better if they were fuller!

Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid Eyes

To create this look I used:

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow in the color Glamerald

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in the color 614 Lavender

Many coats of mascara

Concentrate the purple on the inner eye and the green all around the rest. Make sure to blend the colors out so you don’t have harsh lines. I topped my look off with a bubblegum pink tinted gloss.

Love the girl with the mermaid eyes,

Happy Blogaversary

September 1st marked the day. I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since I started this crazy adventure into the blogosphere! I have learned so much in the past year. One of the biggest things is dedication. Who wants to come back to a blog that only posts new content 2 or 3 times a month? My goal is to increase the amount of posts per month. Blogging has been such a unique experience for me. I love it!

Happy First Birthday Mikella’s Closet!

I wanted to share the other wonderful news, today was the start to fashion week!

Founder of Mikella’s Closet (is this too much? Haha)

Sand Bar Outfit of the Day!

Two weeks ago, I was laying on the beach in beautiful South Carolina. Every time my family goes to the beach, we go on a boat ride. This year the destination was a sandbar! It was one of the coolest beach experiences I have had. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and beautiful clothes.

Hilton Head 2013 464

Hilton Head 2013 381

Hilton Head 2013 362

Hilton Head 2013 344

Hilton Head 2013 338

Hilton Head 2013 304

Hilton Head 2013 459

What I’m Wearing:
Lace tank and skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch Outlet (yes, they do have a&f outlets)
Mint cami: Forever 21 essentials
Earrings: Hilton Head Island Boutique
Shoes: Not required at the beach

Love the girl who will live at the beach someday,