Arm Party

When the temperature heats up and the sleeves get shorter, it is the perfect time to throw an arm party! Dig out your bracelets, because you no longer have to worry about the bauble getting caught on your coat. This outfit is all about the arm party!

When trying to plan an arm party invite many bracelets of different colors and styles. Don’t be afraid to put on way more than you will actually wear. Look at the party and decide who needs to leave. Then rearrange the bracelets in the order you want and start the fiesta!

Fun fact: my shirt is a thrift shop find





shorts: FOREVER 21 top: THRIFT STORE shoes: FOREVER 21 bracelets: VARIOUS BOUTIQUES

XOXO mikella


Shoes Speak Louder than Words

These shoes have a very strong voice. They are saying, “The girl wearing me is knows what’s up, and my daddy, STEVE MADDEN knows how to knock out a great flat!”

I love red shoes, so when I saw these, I knew I had to add them to my collection.  They are the perfect shoe to complete an outfit.

I actually contemplated posting this outfit because I  feel like I wear a form of it all the time.  However, I thought the shoes brought the look to a whole new level, and I wanted to showcase that.

steve madden red flats

mikella's closet
mikella's closet
mikella's closet
mikella's closet
red sequined shoes

shoes: STEVE MADDEN   top: J.CREW   pants: CELEBRITY PINK   necklace: JCPENNY

XOXO mikella

Best Dressed Status

Embrace your stereotype. In my senior class, I was voted best dressed.
We recently had our yearbook photographs taken. It took me forever to find a perfect outfit, because usually amazing outfits aren’t planned, they just happen. This is the outfit I came up with! I tried to keep it classic but still show off my personal style.
mint and pink blonde hair puppy embroidered blouse

Prom Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the school-year.

My senior Prom was last weekend, I would have posted these photos sooner, but I just can’t come to the realization that the year is almost over.

Enjoy this extra dose of sparkle, it’s not everyday that I can get away with wearing a full on sequin dress!

Our prom theme this year was The Great Gatsby, so I channeled a little 20’s vibe with my headband. If you have seen the movie, you know the costuming was to die for. You would also know that the parties Jay threw were completely over the top, and I was sort of expecting fireworks at prom! Just kidding that would probably be a hazard to students.

I had such a great time with all my friends at my last prom!

nail artDSC_0483 DSC_0496 DSC_0486

Good night, old sport,
XOXO Mikella

Double Denim

“That reminds me of Woodstock,” my mom said to me as I scurried past her trying to get ready.  First of all I want to make it clear my mom was too young to have any recollection at all of Woodstock.  Secondly, I was not going for a “Woodstock vibe” at all.

I love the look of denim on denim when it is done right.  By done right, I mean two different shades of denim.  Take note of how my pants are much darker than my shirt.  I split the double denim by a cheetah belt from Gap.  The outfit is topped off with a gold cross necklace from Charlotte Russe, and red flats.

chambray and jeans

denim on denim

gold accents



red flats

cheetah belt

denim on denim


Stay Glamorous,


Modern Art

Is it the clothes or the graffiti? Nothing will ever beat downtown vibes. When you are surrounded by manmade madness, you get a rush of human power. I love to think of how many amazing things people have created in this little world. It’s so cool how the brain works! Keep yourself inspired throughout this week!

I got my boyfriend pants at Gap. (I feel pathetic having to buy instead of borrow boyfriend pants! Ha ha ha)

My blouse is Forever 21. Shoes and bag are Steve Madden. The bracelet is by J. Crew!
ootd envelope clutch nude pumps orange boyfriend pants collar statement