PGH Fashion Week Round Two

After my first night of shows at Pittsburgh Fashion Week, I decided to attend another which took place at Highmark Stadium, AKA the “Tent” of Pittsburgh.  Again, I was very impressed by the designs showcased. One of the best parts was I got a front row seat, a perk of arriving a little early.  I’m not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to sit front row at a fashion show again! Although Pittsburgh is a little more low-key than New York or Paris, it was still a great event!

fashion week pittsburgh

This jacket is the perfect piece for fall! The camel color with black trim were flawless!

fashion week


Take the time to notice the hand-set crystals of these pants.  They were stunning!

sequined pants

This dress was my favorite piece out of the whole show.  The way the sequins were almost a whole other part of her look, was sheer genius! I would love to have this dress, it was perfect.

Pittsburgh Fashion Week

I wore a black and white floral dress with red suede booties.  For accessories, I toted along my H&M bag, and I kept my stacked bracelets to compliment my flash tattoo that was still intact (it lasted a good four days, which really surprised me!).  Again, I’m sorry for the iPhone pictures, they are so grainy.

XOXO mikella



Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Macy’s Fashion Rocks

Last week was Pittsburgh Fashion Week, I made it to three of the shows! It was a great experience and I gained an unreal amount of inspiration to continue my studies for the week.  The first show I went to was “Macy’s Fashion Rocks” on Wednesday night, it was hosted at the Macy’s Fifth Avenue Location in Pittsburgh.  The 4th floor was completely rearranged with a stage and runway sprawled out in the middle of the floor.

I had the opportunity to assist the MC of the show, and style her accessories for the evening.  Not only did she do a great job with the event, her look was on point too!  The show featured numerous looks available at Macy’s this season along with sneak peak designs from students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, who had their own show later in the week.

Again I was able to capture some photos on my iPhone of the event.  There was so much excitement and energy, these pictures don’t do justice.

fashion show macy's
macy's fall 2014

This look was designed by Art Institute Pittsburgh Student, Leesa Kassler.  The pants were amazing, a light cotton with a metallic gold shimmer  over the pattern.  The designer did an perfect job with  the fitting!

AIP Fashion Show
rock fashion decorations
Macy's Fashion Show
My new obsession is flash tattoos!  If these were permanent, I would probably consider getting one.  Compliments of Macy’s everyone who attended could apply them and be dazzling!  I chose a feather to compliment my arm party! Also how cute is this Picks for Peace Bracelet! It is perfect to stack and there is a great  cause behind it!

arm party

My amateur styling at work!

Macy's styling

If you ever have the chance to attend a Pittsburgh Fashion Week show, I highly recommend it! There is an unreal amount of talent in this up and coming city!

XOXO mikella

College Update

Balancing college and blogging is quite the struggle. My life has been turned upside-down (in a good way) over the past month. There have been so many new people, places, and classes, it is hard for me to keep up. Not to mention I have to share a camera with my sister who is an hour and a half away. Dividing all of our shared pieces was quite the challenge, I miss the curling wand she has at home every day, and I’m sure she misses some of my clothes. I feel like I have been neglecting my blog so I’ve really been thinking of how I could incorporate this into my schedule.

I now live in the grand city of Pittsburgh and I am loving every minute of it! My usual rural landscape has been beautifully transformed into a city skyline scattered with hordes of college kids toting backpacks around.

I will now be sharing mostly iPhone pictures, although the quality saddens me it is all I have. I’m also going to post more inspirational photos that will give you more of a glimpse into my life, because let’s get real, there are some amazing photos to be taken in an urban area. By this I mean mostly skyline photos because I’m just obsessed.

Here is a little glimpse of my outfit the other day. I took a little walk into the city to get noodles, which were amazing, and way better than college cafeteria food! I was really feeling a fall vibe so I wore my suede moccasins and a multicolored greenish scarf, along with skinny green cargo pants and a gray flannel.
orange moccasins

yellow bridge

green scarf

sunset pittsburghStay constantly inspired! Love Mikella


A Season in a Dress

Uniquely You

I am partaking in something very new today, the Uniquely You Campaign for Mod Cloth. My collage of pieces is centered around the Bouquet of the Season Dress. It is the perfect no-brainer dress for any event you have coming up, such as a wedding, outdoor party, or a relaxing Sunday lunch out.

When I first saw the dress, I noticed how it really was like a bouquet. This being said, I was careful not to overdo it with many frilly items. For the shoes, I wanted something unexpected, just like Mod Cloth’s Live for Today Wedge in Taupe.

When the temperature rises, the need for arm candy becomes even more prominent. I chose the Time Floats Watch in Gold. Paired together, this watch adds the perfect amount of hardware to a soft look.

Mod Cloth’s Lacy Day Off Cardigan and Un-teal the Clouds Clear Umbrella are staples for the month of April. You never know when the infamous Showers of April will spring upon us (pun intended).

If you wear this look out, you will need a place to put the essentials (phone, money, etc.). The Buck Cherry Wallet adds the perfect bit of quirkiness!




P.S. If you are just not a floral girl, check out other cute dresses at Mod Cloth.  They have so many unique styles, but fair warning, you may want all of them!

My Chanel is at Home

I was browsing Wanelo one morning when I came across a canvas bag that said, “My Chanel is at Home.”  I instantly loved this bag!  It also got me thinking about how we all treasure such high end designers and their clothes we can’t afford.  Maybe we are not supposed to buy all the high end fashions, (what fun would that be anyway) just draw inspiration from them, and replicate their looks.  By replicate, I do not mean knock-offs, I mean take the things you like about certain designs and looks, and put them into your own style.  Sort of how we paraphrase in a research paper, instead of plagiarize, for all of my scholarly readers out there!  I tested out this idea when putting my outfit together.

Chanel: Whats not to love? She transformed the world of fashion.  I did take from Chanel, perhaps what she is most known for, the tweed jacket.  I knew this would be a tricky piece to incorporate.  I feel like it is for a mature sophisticated woman, and I am only 18!

J. Crew: By far my favorite company out there!  They have captured the way every American woman wants to dress.  They are sort of famous for the striped shirts and skinny pants!

By combining these two I got . . .

tweed jacket

tweed jacket jeans

purple hat

silver pumps

I feel like the mixture of high fashion inspiration and my current wardrobe gave me something new, and 100% my style!

XO The Fashion Scrambler,


P.S. Did you recognize these shoes? I wore them back in December to a dance!  This just goes to show a classic piece you love is worth the money!

Where I’ve Been

I’m sure you have all heard of the Polar Vortex by now.  I feel like I have been trapped in this cold for months, even though it has only been a few weeks.  I apologize for my lack of posts, the cold weather has really hurt my style, making me dress more functionally.

I think this is swackett’s way of saying “too cold to function”



Although I can’t complain too much, because the skiing conditions have been great; and not to mention all the snow days at school!



Promise to be back soon,

A Gift Guide For The JCrew Girl Who Can’t Afford JCrew

I know I never reblog anything, but this is so perfectly me, I had to! Enjoy all you J.Crew lovers out there!

Thought Catalog

Do you have a girl in your life that would be embodying the tweed-and-glitter fantasticness that is JCrew style, if only it weren’t so painfully expensive? Do you know that she lusts after the printed sweaters and brightly-colored loafers and enamel bangles, waiting for a sale generous enough to treat herself to? Well, she can quit waiting, because you have all the gifts for her sparkly-American-classic needs. Without the price tag.

1. A standard navy blazer.

If there is one staple for the JCrew girl, it’s the simple navy blazer. It can be worn with everything from dark-wash jeans to a minidress to a pair of bright yellow shorts in that weird spring traditional weather that requires like eight season’s worth of clothes at once. It’s the baseline to any wardrobe.

2. An adorable travel mug.

You want to carry your coffee/tea/hot-chocolate-if-you’re-feeling-naughty around with you, but you don’t want to…

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Happy Blogaversary

September 1st marked the day. I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since I started this crazy adventure into the blogosphere! I have learned so much in the past year. One of the biggest things is dedication. Who wants to come back to a blog that only posts new content 2 or 3 times a month? My goal is to increase the amount of posts per month. Blogging has been such a unique experience for me. I love it!

Happy First Birthday Mikella’s Closet!

I wanted to share the other wonderful news, today was the start to fashion week!

Founder of Mikella’s Closet (is this too much? Haha)

Back to School Challenge: Ditch the Sweats Act

For every school-aged person out there, I challenge you to not wear sweatpants to school for a whole year! For some, this task will be a breeze, for others it could be the most excruciating time in their lives. Only the strong and brave will make it through this challenge.

I will be doing this challenge myself and posting photos of inspiration on the tough days. Stay fashion strong and make the hallways sweatpant-free! Even if you are not in school anymore, I still challenge you to live a whole school year stopping the sweats at your door!

To start this challenge, I thought I would share my first day of school outfit with you!



A quote of inspiration for those who are still not game on my idea. Maybe Karl can persuade you!

Let’s make Karl Lagerfeld (and Mikella) happy with the Ditch the Sweats Act!

Swackett App: Tells You What to Wear

Wake up. Check your phone. Look at the weather. Try to decide what to wear.

You can make this one step simpler with Swackett. I read about this app in Seventeen magazine and downloaded it instantly. Swackett provides you with your local weather and an idea of what to wear. Its kind of like having a personal stylist and meteorologist in your phone! I got this app a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed. It makes things so much simpler when you are not sure what to wear with the changing weather.

I also love to use this app when I wake up late and can’t think of an outfit (this may or may not be what happened this morning). You can see what Swackett advised me to wear and how I adapted it for my style!