Make a Statement

I was recently inspired by watching a YouTube video on fashion. The woman talked about how you should dress up everyday, and don’t just save your “fancy” clothes for special occasions. Everyday is special, so wear those great pieces now! This motto has stuck with me, so I now wear metallic snakeskin pants to school. Why not make a regular day a party with fun clothes!
gray and black outfit

Edgy outfit

Snake Skin Pants
Enjoy your day!

Those Pants are on Fire

If only Alicia Keys had seen my pants before she wrote her song. I’m feeling a fashion remake!

Red is a staple color for me.  I always find myself gravitating toward it, especially when I buy shoes.  In my outfit, stacked on the red: red pants and red booties.  I added a slouchy sweater and an over-sized scarf, both in neutrals, to balance out the red.  Wearing the two red items is not too much because they are both in different shades.

oversized scarf outfit
red pants

red booties
Love the girl in red,
P.S.  Although it is technically spring, that didn’t stop a few snow flurries from falling out of the sky while I was capturing  this outfit.

Spring, is that You?

Sometimes when you are in a not so happy mood, all you need for a boost of pep, is a brightly colored and well styled outfit.  Just like the transition from Winter to Spring, when you have had enough of the cold dreary days, a high temperature, sunny day rolls around causing you to open your sun roof and throw on a pair of sunnies!  This is how I treat my closet when the black pants and sweaters need to be put away until next year.

For this outfit, I paired a bright blue skirt with an oxford shirt, and a lilac sweater.  It was a little cold, so I put on gray tights to keep my legs warm.  If you recreate this look, don’t forget the jewels around your neck!blue skirt

purple necklace

Black and Tan flatsXOXO,


I’m in Work Clothes!

Yes, it’s March, and yes I’m quoting the movie Elf. This quote just fit too well not to.  It is all for a good reason though, I recently had to dress up in “work” clothes for a presentation at school.  I usually wear all of these pieces in a more casual way, but here I paired them together for a professional look!  I built this outfit around my J. Crew Schoolboy blazer, one of the most coveted pieces in my wardrobe, and added simple pieces to blazer

red jacket

sunglasses and blazersLove the girl in work clothes,

My Weekend In The Big Apple

When I first found out I was going to New York, I instantly began mentally planning outfits in my brain.

As my mind raced 100 m.p.h., I tried to decide: classic cool, a little boho like Rachel Zoe, or full on fashion.  Considering I would have limited packing room (specific instructions from my dad),  I had to think practical with a fashionable twist.  Which also meant no more than four outfits (Gasp!). But it’s New York, I needed an outfit for eating macaroons, seeing a Broadway show, shopping, lounging in the hotel lobby, shopping, out for dinner, being a tourist, and travel!

After a long journey and several searches in my closet, my sister’s closet, and my mom’s closet.  I finally decided what to wear.

Here a look into my trip!

blue pants outfit


New York Street View

outfit of the day

black hat

Street Style Outfit

Purple Wingtip Loafers

Times Square

Street Signs


silhouetteMy trip to NYC, confirmed that I will live there someday.  I can’t wait to go back to those inspirational city streets.



Tough Girls Wear Sequins

I was cleaning my SD card, and I found this set of photos. They are from a few months ago (hence the longer hair and tons of snow). For this outfit, I put together several layers including a utility jacket and sweaters. I love mixing the unexpected, a boyish jacket with sequined lapels paired with a girly print of cheetah. I added red booties to pick up the color in my cardigan! Try mixing tough with girly in your next outfit, I bet you will love the outcome!

cheetah ootd

utility jacket

utility jacket and cheetah

layered jackets

 wedge booties


Rejuvenate Summer Dresses for Winter


When you are in the dead middle of winter, you can’t help peeking in the back of your closet at those brightly colored, summer dresses.   They make you want to get online and book a tropical cruise for next week.  If a tropical getaway is nowhere in your future, you can still get  some wear out of your summer dresses, by adding winter approved pieces like tights, sweaters, and scarves.  I stuck to the gray color scheme, the whole way down to the shoes!

summer dress update

sequin shoes

statement earingsXOXO,