Nail Art… IN or OUT?

I’m sure you have heard the nail art controversy by now, but if not, here it is in brief:

There has been much debate if nail art would still be a thing this year. Yet, after New York Fashion Week, trippy tips were spotted all over, leaving many to believe nail art is here to stay.  Still others debate that it will be more toned down, with clean lines.

I say that nail art is still in.  It has become too big of a trend to simply fade away. There are even nail art salons opening up in big cities like L.A.  Check out the Instagram account @nail_swag. The P&G house in Sochi was even doing Olympic manicures!  I do think nail art trends might change a little, but it may vary person to person.  Personally, I am into clean lines on my nails with more sophisticated colors.

The beauty of nail art is that you can change it anytime you want! It’s a fun way to really make your look YOURS!

Recently, I did my nails in gold and black!  I wanted the gold because of the Winter Olympics (one reason the posts have been lacking this month!) and I thought black just went well.

gold and back manicure


XO, Mikella


Glam Snow Removal

There are two ways to remove snow on your sidewalk: like a normal person bundled up in winter garb, or how I do it, in a full on styled outfit!  For this look, I mixed up two bright “Spring” colors and threw them into my winter look.  As you can see I still have a long way until spring comes!  When you can’t dress like it is spring, wear spring colors instead. Also I put on ballet flats when I get inside buildings, my Uggs serve as commuter  snow shoes.

glam snow removal

pink tweed jacket

tweed jacket

bright colored

jumping in snow

pink and greenXOXO,



My Chanel is at Home

I was browsing Wanelo one morning when I came across a canvas bag that said, “My Chanel is at Home.”  I instantly loved this bag!  It also got me thinking about how we all treasure such high end designers and their clothes we can’t afford.  Maybe we are not supposed to buy all the high end fashions, (what fun would that be anyway) just draw inspiration from them, and replicate their looks.  By replicate, I do not mean knock-offs, I mean take the things you like about certain designs and looks, and put them into your own style.  Sort of how we paraphrase in a research paper, instead of plagiarize, for all of my scholarly readers out there!  I tested out this idea when putting my outfit together.

Chanel: Whats not to love? She transformed the world of fashion.  I did take from Chanel, perhaps what she is most known for, the tweed jacket.  I knew this would be a tricky piece to incorporate.  I feel like it is for a mature sophisticated woman, and I am only 18!

J. Crew: By far my favorite company out there!  They have captured the way every American woman wants to dress.  They are sort of famous for the striped shirts and skinny pants!

By combining these two I got . . .

tweed jacket

tweed jacket jeans

purple hat

silver pumps

I feel like the mixture of high fashion inspiration and my current wardrobe gave me something new, and 100% my style!

XO The Fashion Scrambler,


P.S. Did you recognize these shoes? I wore them back in December to a dance!  This just goes to show a classic piece you love is worth the money!

Embracing the Color of the Year

When Pantone released their color of the year: Radiant Orchid, I was pretty excited.  That is until I tried to wear this purple hue, realizing I hardly have anything purple in my closet.  I did have these pants, and they were a big help.  Paired with a J.Crew chambray, over-sized scarf, and sequin shoes, I feel like these cords I adequately represented Radiant Orchid in an outfit.

purple pants

gray and denim

sequin shoes

sequin headband