Dressing for Class

Figuring out what to wear in college is harder than high school.  In high school, I didn’t do very much walking, so I could wear any type of shoe I wanted.  College is a different story, sometimes I wonder how many miles I walk throughout the course of a day.  I really had to adapt my shoe options, these shoes used to be my favorite, now I have to change if I am going to be doing a lot of walking. The shoes I’m wearing here are my favorite, but they are not the best for a whole day, so I usually plan to stop back in my dorm and change them!

For class outfits I recommend wearing something comfortable, but put together.  I love the way button down shirts look like you have it put forth a greater effort than you really did.  I love pairing button down shirts with skinny pants; here I did white distressed pants with a chambray shirt.  It is really simple to add a few pieces of jewelry and you are ready for class!

I love my gray Hershel backpack, it was a great investment, and it matches every outfit.  The fact that it is a neutral makes it perfect for any combination of clothing!



I also apologize for the terrible mirror/iPhone pictures. This is a bad situation with I explain a little more about here.

top: J.CREW    pants: CELEBRITY PINK    shoes: T. J. MAXX    backpack: HERSHEL SUPPLY CO.    earrings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE

XOXO,  mikella


College Update

Balancing college and blogging is quite the struggle. My life has been turned upside-down (in a good way) over the past month. There have been so many new people, places, and classes, it is hard for me to keep up. Not to mention I have to share a camera with my sister who is an hour and a half away. Dividing all of our shared pieces was quite the challenge, I miss the curling wand she has at home every day, and I’m sure she misses some of my clothes. I feel like I have been neglecting my blog so I’ve really been thinking of how I could incorporate this into my schedule.

I now live in the grand city of Pittsburgh and I am loving every minute of it! My usual rural landscape has been beautifully transformed into a city skyline scattered with hordes of college kids toting backpacks around.

I will now be sharing mostly iPhone pictures, although the quality saddens me it is all I have. I’m also going to post more inspirational photos that will give you more of a glimpse into my life, because let’s get real, there are some amazing photos to be taken in an urban area. By this I mean mostly skyline photos because I’m just obsessed.

Here is a little glimpse of my outfit the other day. I took a little walk into the city to get noodles, which were amazing, and way better than college cafeteria food! I was really feeling a fall vibe so I wore my suede moccasins and a multicolored greenish scarf, along with skinny green cargo pants and a gray flannel.
orange moccasins

yellow bridge

green scarf

sunset pittsburghStay constantly inspired! Love Mikella


Labor Day Rebel

It’s okay to wear white after Labor Day, this is no longer a fashion rule. Be rebellious and wear the color white the whole way through winter! Don’t let the old school fashion rules scare you away. Here I tried to go for a softer end of summer look, pairing light pink with the white tones.  I always wear these Valentino look a likes, I can’t get enough of the edge they put on any look.




pants:CELEBRITY PINK shirt: ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH shoes: T.J.MAXX    earrings and ring: FOREVER 21

XOXO mikella

Circle Skirt Styling

I recently made a trip to Forever 21 and picked up this red circle skirt.  I have always loved the look of circle skirts, but have never purchased one.  I’m so late to embrace this trend but I had to get this when I saw it in red.  When I wore this circle skirt, I had a little trouble deciding what to pair with it, probably due to the fact half that I only have  half of my wardrobe to choose from. Closet downsizing for college is the worst!

I decided to go with a boxy lace shirt and a skinny silver belt.  This combination took me from day to night seamlessly!

photo 2
photo 3

XOXO mikella