In Work Clothes: Stolen from J. Crew

Every now and then we find ourselves in a fashion rut, finding it troubling to mix and match new combinations.  This week, I noticed I kept reverting to already-worn outfits. By already-worn outfits, I don’t mean clothing worn just once, I mean clothes that I always pair together.  I just couldn’t come up with a new combination to wear, so I reverted to my outfit idea board on Pinterest.  Usually, this gives me enough inspiration to pull together something fabulous.  However, Pinterest was just not cutting it for me today.  I had to go into my personal fashion archives, where I found this J. Crew look book, and stole the look.

Sometimes it can be discouraging looking through catalogs and not having the exact pieces the models are wearing.  But you have to think: what do I have similar to the articles in my closet?  For me, the statement sleeve top in the catalog reminded me of this royal blue blouse I never wear.  My pants are almost the same as the J. Crew pair.  If you find a look you love, try to recreate it with things you already own.  If you can’t make the perfect outfit, try buying one or two items instead of the whole already put together look.  I think it is okay to gain inspiration and occasionally copy outfits like I did here, but you have to limit yourself before your personal style gets altered.

J crew look

royal blue

strappy wedges

skinny cargo pants

french braidshirt:  T. J. MAXX      pants:  DELIA’S        bracelets: BLACK MARKET MINERALS       shoes:  UGG AUSTRALIA

XOXO mikella



In Work Clothes: White on White

White outs are no longer just for Winter, you can create a white on white look that is perfect for touring flower gardens or spending a day in the office. I was lucky enough to be able to do both in this attire. I planned ahead with the floral shoes knowing I was going to a garden. They were the perfect touch for the whimsical atmosphere of a garden. Try and replicate this look for yourself by wearing two white pieces, but look for one with an interesting texture like my baroque printed skirt.  Then add some accessories and you have a fabulous look!
Check out this crazy moth I found while capturing these photos!  It was the biggest moth I’ve ever seen.





shirt:  GAP        skirt: T.J. MAXX      shoes: FOREVER 21      necklace: BETSEY JOHNSON      glasses: VOGUE  (very similar)

ring:  FOREVER 21       phone case: FIVE BELOW

XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Mint Green and Dots

No worries, I didn’t die of heat in this outfit, it was actually a chilly day.  I still wanted a summer look so I reached for my mint green pants, and I paired them with a dotted blouse.  This blouse is perfect because it is a polyester, a very lightweight material.



I have been so obsessed with lavender nail polish lately, this particular color was shared with me by my grandma.  It is the brand Avon.  My rings are from a store I recently discovered called Charming Charlie.  They have every accessory you can ever think of, and perhaps the best part is, their store is organized by color sections!  I bought these at their Pittsburgh location.




what i’m wearing:

pants: FOREVER 21     blouse: T.J. MAXX     shoes:  MUDD (yes they are that old, but still cute)

rings:  CHARMING CHARLIE      bag:  really old      sunglasses:  OAKLEY

XOXO, mikella

In Work Clothes: Classic

For my 100th post, I’ve decided to go back to the classics in work clothes. This black and white outfit defines business casual. It was perfect for my press conference at work and board meeting! (I feel so grown up when I saying that!!) My outfit is a perfect layout for the structure you should follow when getting dressed for the office. It combines clothes that already work, like the pencil skirt, and adds an unexpected element of peplum.


I felt the pearls went perfectly with this classic reformed look! A little style secret is that the necklace is actually sewn on my shirt, making this outfit thoughtless to pull together!

peplum skirt

black and whiteMy job requires me to be in and outside all day, so I always carry around a pair of sunglasses, sometimes two! They are good to have, not only to protect your eyes and prevent wrinkles, but also to add a whole new level of chic!

in work clothes

top: FOREVER 21 skirt: JCPENNY earrings: JCPENNY sunglasses: OAKLEY shoes: STEVE MADDEN

XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Floral Pants for the Office

Floral printed pants can sometimes be intimidating, especially for the office. If you pair them with a simple blouse and quirky shoes, you can easily make them office appropriate. I love these pants from Limited, they have such a beautiful print. You can wear them with brown, gold, or even dark purple! They are such a statement piece and perfect to bring the summer garden inside when you can’t be outside.

brown pink purple outfit

intern clothes

pink studded flats

purple printed pantpants: LIMITED     blouse: NICOLE MILLER       shoes: T.J. MAXX      earrings: FOREVER 21      sunglasses: OAKLEY

XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Sassy Office Outfit

Wake up, pour coffee down your throat, do your makeup, and go to work. Clothes make each day different, so when you roll out of bed and feel a sassy day coming, embrace the energy by showing it in your outfit. Even if you are just going to the office, put some sass in your look!

A power outfit does not always mean a suit. For me a power outfit is one like this, any button down and a fitted pant or skirt. I love the way a button down says let’s do business, but whatever you put with it can really express your personal style. I threw my hair in a corporate pony tail, AKA a sleek and pulled back pony!

I wish my office allowed bring your dog to work day, especially on days when she matches my outfit so well
like today!






XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Denim in the Office

I’m an American girl who loves her denim.  In an office setting, denim is not always appropriate, so I had to find a way to make my favorite look business casual.  Introducing the Chambray shirt!  Chambray is denim’s sophisticated older sister.

If you have been to my blog before, you should be well aware of my love affair with this particular J. Crew chambray.  I wore a baroque detailed skirt with a gemstone necklace, and sandal wedges with my chambray top!
chambray and white

On hot summer days, nothing beats a hairstyle like this, and I’ll admit it had me questioning if I wanted to chop all my hair off!  I braided and bobby pinned hair around the back, and put the leftover hair into a messy bun.

braids and bun

summer sandals

business casual

pastel statement necklace

 skirt:  T.J. MAXX      top: J. CREW      necklace: FOREVER 21     earrings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE      shoes:  MUDD (they are so old but I love them)

XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Newspaper

Have you ever wondered why newspapers have always been printed in black and white?  The fashion answer is… they are classics.  No black and white pairing can ever look bad.  Ever since I started my job, I have been wearing more black and white than ever.  It is so simple to grab clothes of these colors and make a killer outfit. black and white skirt

dark frames

silver sandals

black white office wear

skirt:  SO OLD I CAN’T RECALL WHERE I GOT IT     top: JCPENNY     shoes:  CELESTE     earrings:  FOREVER 21      glasses: VOGUE

XOXO mikella

In Work Clothes: Tribal Pants

In my office, we have hot summer days. Although we have air conditioning, we are often outside the building in the summer sun. On days I know I’m going to be out, I choose lightweight fabrics like these pants.
aztech pants

strappy brown wedgesThis necklace is handmade. I crafted it this winter in my art class. It took me so long to make that I didn’t like the end result. I put it away for a few months, and I recently got it out of storage and love it! When I was crafting it out of copper and brass my teacher kept raving abut how it is such a unique piece of jewelry. During construction I had a hard time seeing her viewpoint, but I now see the beauty of it. Perhaps the best part is I can say I made this!
handmade necklace

antique bracelet

pants: JCPENNY shirt: GAP necklace: DIY bracelet: VINTAGE shoes: UGG

XOXO mikella