Fall is Finally Here Outfit of the Day!

So fall is finally here and I wanted to share my outfit with you!








Suede skirt- Forever 21
Shirt- random gray sweater
Socks- Steve Madden
Ring- DIY
Belt- men’s tie



Now trending: Camouflage Tee Shirts! The latest from WPFW (Western Pennsylvania Fashion Week). That’s where I live, and when NYFW is going on, I like to imagine I am at fashion week, at my high school. I look for trends, street style, and imagine how teachers could dress better. But my latest discovery was just the other day……..

I am walking down the crowded hall, carrying binders (ugh. so not my favorite accessory) when around the corner, I rub my contacts. I had to be seeing things. AAAHHH! No, it couldn’t be… here comes a camo tee-shirt. I am talking, “I literally just stepped out of the woods on a Canadian bear hunting trip camo.” I was almost sick. So then a little later in the day, I saw another person wearing a camouflage shirt! I guess I can only pretend that I am at NYFW, because if open my eyes, I will only see, well………………….. this:

In case you guys couldn’t imagine what I was talking about!

DISCLAIMER: This is supposed to be humorous. I do not mean to offend or discriminate anyone. I am simply making a joke 🙂

Happy FNO!

Hello everyone I just wanted to wish you a happy Fashions Night Out. If you are reading this post I’m sure you know what I am talking about. If not FNO is a night that the stores stay open later at night for people to stop in. They usually have, special events going on from coupons, sales, or even gift bags. Some stores, even bring in celebrities to help you shop.

You might be wondering what my schedule looks like for tonight. Unfortunately I live in a small town and the shops around me do not do anything special for FNO. My plans are go like this, eat dinner do homework, go to watch a volleyball game. Not as exciting as some of your schedules I am sure.

I hope everyone who is participating in Fashions Night Out tonight has a great time! I’m sure you will be shopping!

Love Mikella

First Post: Get to Know Me!

I’m sitting here writing this on one of the final days of summer, sitting on my patio snacking on fresh cherries and soaking up some rays. Okay, let’s not make this a sob story about how I don’t want summer to end, because as much as I don’t want it to end, I am equally that much excited about fall fashions.

I started this fashion blog under a different name using blogger in the beginning of July. I liked it at first until I tried logging into YouTube and Blogger at the same time. Because I had different email addresses on the accounts it would kick me off of one. This was only one of the many issues I had with using Blogger. I got so frustrated and decided to come here to Word Press. And by the way it’s wayyyy better!

(Wow, you guys should see the clouds right now they are amazing.)

So, you are probably wondering who I am and what I’m about by now. My name is Mikella. I’m a girl from a small town. You say it (ma (ma as in the beginning part of mark) kel-(as in the beginning part of Kelsey) a (a as in ahhh I see)) ma-kel-a. I don’t have a kay, key, or le. And no it’s not Mike Ella. Put it together and you kind of have it, though. If you want to know more check out the ABOUT ME TAB.

In my blog I want you to come to get outfit inspirations, makeup ideas, refashion and DIY project ideas, and any other random thing I want to tell you. I just want you girls to use the tips and information I provide you with to make yourself feel like a confident and powerful person. If you go for the pixie cut, rock it. If you wear outrageous makeup to school, flaunt it. Just do whatever you do to be you, and do it with confidence.

Love Mikella