Quick Chic Outfits

One fun thing about being home for the holidays is that my closet triples in size thanks to my mom and sister. This outfit was a spur of the moment, we are leaving the house, make yourself presentable as soon as possible, outfit. It was a quick chic outfit. When I have to quickly put together an outfit, I always try to rely on silhouettes and pairings that already work for me.

I borrowed this blazer from my sister and I already tried convincing her to let me take it back to college with me. It looks pulled together because of the shape, but not too stiff because it is a soft fabric. These boots are very old, but I haven’t worn them yet this season, so I dug them out of a dark corner of my closet and had a reunion.

Quick Chic Outfit

styling corduroy

Steve Madden Envelope Bag

Quick Chic Outfits

Quick Chic OutfitsShirt: GAP    Jacket:  FOREVER 21 (similar)      Pants: AMERICAN EAGLE (similar)      Boots: URBANOG (similar)     Bag: STEVE MADDEN (similar)     Glasses: VOGUE

Special thanks to my Dad for being such a great photographer for this set of photos.


XOXO, mikella

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