Dressing for Class

Figuring out what to wear in college is harder than high school.  In high school, I didn’t do very much walking, so I could wear any type of shoe I wanted.  College is a different story, sometimes I wonder how many miles I walk throughout the course of a day.  I really had to adapt my shoe options, these shoes used to be my favorite, now I have to change if I am going to be doing a lot of walking. The shoes I’m wearing here are my favorite, but they are not the best for a whole day, so I usually plan to stop back in my dorm and change them!

For class outfits I recommend wearing something comfortable, but put together.  I love the way button down shirts look like you have it put forth a greater effort than you really did.  I love pairing button down shirts with skinny pants; here I did white distressed pants with a chambray shirt.  It is really simple to add a few pieces of jewelry and you are ready for class!

I love my gray Hershel backpack, it was a great investment, and it matches every outfit.  The fact that it is a neutral makes it perfect for any combination of clothing!



I also apologize for the terrible mirror/iPhone pictures. This is a bad situation with I explain a little more about here.

top: J.CREW    pants: CELEBRITY PINK    shoes: T. J. MAXX    backpack: HERSHEL SUPPLY CO.    earrings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE

XOXO,  mikella

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