Nail Art… IN or OUT?

I’m sure you have heard the nail art controversy by now, but if not, here it is in brief:

There has been much debate if nail art would still be a thing this year. Yet, after New York Fashion Week, trippy tips were spotted all over, leaving many to believe nail art is here to stay.  Still others debate that it will be more toned down, with clean lines.

I say that nail art is still in.  It has become too big of a trend to simply fade away. There are even nail art salons opening up in big cities like L.A.  Check out the Instagram account @nail_swag. The P&G house in Sochi was even doing Olympic manicures!  I do think nail art trends might change a little, but it may vary person to person.  Personally, I am into clean lines on my nails with more sophisticated colors.

The beauty of nail art is that you can change it anytime you want! It’s a fun way to really make your look YOURS!

Recently, I did my nails in gold and black!  I wanted the gold because of the Winter Olympics (one reason the posts have been lacking this month!) and I thought black just went well.

gold and back manicure


XO, Mikella

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